Indigenous youthWelcome to our Youth page! As of 2018-2019 Friendship Centres across Canada serve over 57,283 Indigenous youth through various activities and programming. 

Here are some activities we’re running at the NAFC: 

  • Urban Indigenous Youth Voices – Advancing Gender Equality: This project will allow the NAFC and the Indigenous Youth Council (IYC) to co-develop an approach to continue active engagement for urban Indigenous youth on providing skills and knowledge to support the advancement of gender equality at the local, provincial, and national levels.
  • Youth Strategic Direction: the IYC met and developed its Strategic Direction;
    • To create recognition and awareness of Friendship Centres by connecting with other youth organizations, developing a comprehensive communications strategy, and tools that can be used across the Friendship Centre Movement.
    • To seek and secure youth program funding specifically multi-year, stable funding which will allow the AYC to create and deliver youth programming and services on a consistent basis.
    • To have the youth voice present in NAFC governance by bringing Indigenous youth into the conversation at the national level, we will meaningfully and effectively advance the youth mission, provide guidance, support and recommendations to the Friendship Centre Movement, building strong Indigenous Youth Councils across the country.
  • Youth Mobilization Toolkit: this project will support urban Indigenous youth to further develop youth councils with a Youth Mobilization toolkit and facilitator guide. 

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