New Journeys

Launched in 2016, the New Journeys Website is a virtual Friendship Centre resource platform, aimed at engaging Indigenous youth and addressing violence against Indigenous women and girls. New Journeys is also a one-stop mobile and online resource featuring life-saving information and services to help urban Indigenous youth, young families and others learn more about their communities and end violence within them. The website also functions as a digital version of a Friendship Centre by inviting visitors to the site to share personal stories, learn about the stories of others, and engage in healing in an online realm. 



New Journeys is a key component of the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) broader, national strategy to tackle violence against Indigenous women and youth. The mobile platform was developed to help in our work to reclaim safety in our communities now, while harnessing new technologies that speak to youth. The site and linked social media accounts encourages online engagement through compelling content on issues like health, sex, violence and addiction.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the information made available on the site assists in safety planning for those escaping abusive situations and provides a space for training and education on consent, healthy relationships, and noticing red flags.

The platform was developed and designed in cooperation with Indigenous youth from across the country and content and editorial discretion is carried out by Indigenous writers as the platform develops. The website provides important information about violence prevention and relevant resources for how Indigenous women, youth, girls and families can stay safe and make positive decisions. This is achieved in an engaging and accessible manner.

New Journeys was created as part of the NAFC’s Action for Indigenous Women’s Initiative and is funded in part by Status of Women Canada. 

Visit the New Journeys Website here!