Student Supports Learning Program (SSLP)


Program Background

Due to the global pandemic, there was an urgent need for increased connectivity as schooling transitioned to online learning. Through the SSLP funding, Friendship Centres across Canada were able to purchase laptops, increase capacity and better facilitate online learning and completion of homework. 

Program Overview

The Government of Canada recently provided an additional $10.75 million in funding to support the Student Supports Learning Program (SSLP), a program serving vulnerable Indigenous children and youth across Canada. This funding is in addition to the three million previously provided to NAFC during the 2020-21 fiscal year. NAFC is administering the $10.75 million in funding to over 93 local Friendship Centres and six Provincial/Territorial Associations (PTA) to serve youth through their programming.

The SSLP aims to support equitable access to technology and learning supports through:

  • Supporting Indigenous youth to continue their studies both academically and traditionally;
  • Providing access to technology and learning supports; and
  • Enabling the building of relationships between Indigenous youth, community members, mentors, tutors, and Elders.


Success Stories


 The Tree of Peace Friendship Centre, Yellowknife NT

“The Tree of Peace's jigging classes were lots of fun for participants and were a wonderful opportunity to connect with others with their culture and to remain active during these challenging times of COVID-19”


Resources for PTA's and FC's

Click here for a one-pager overview of SSLP

The NAFC SSLP Final Report 2020-21 can be found here

If your Friendship Centre has received funding for this program, please review our one-pager on the NAFC reporting requirements here.


Contact Information

Natalie Cahill (she/her)

Project Coordinator