Program Goals

Through the IRP, the NAFC aims to boost urban Indigenous participation in social innovation and social finance. This is especially important for urban Indigenous communities, given the multiple barriers and under-representation in this field. We believe that promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as the growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises, helps Friendship Centres, Provincial / Territorial Associations and other urban Indigenous SPOs develop greater economic prosperity. The NAFC will support and encourage the growth and readiness of urban Indigenous social purpose organizations to join the social innovation and social finance ecosystem. This may include support to social purpose organizations that currently do not consider themselves part of that ecosystem.

Through the Investment Readiness Program funding, we aspire to:

  • Increase urban Indigenous engagement in the social economy;
  • Support the development of social enterprises that address community needs and positively impact the community;
  • Support the growth of collective intergenerational wealth and prosperity for urban Indigenous communities;
  • Enhance the capacity of urban Indigenous SPOs to develop enterprises that support service delivery and advance their respective missions;
  • Increase urban Indigenous SPOs accessibility to expert advice and information; and
  • Advance urban Indigenous SPOs towards investment readiness.