Evaluation Criteria

To be considered for the NAFC’s IRP, applicants must meet all IRP eligibility criteria, provide the required supporting documentation, and describe their social enterprise’s social, environmental or cultural impact or desired impact. Enterprises must demonstrate sound business practices and planning. For more clarity on evaluation criteria please see below:

Social Enterprise Proposal

  • Clarity of project
  • Demonstrate the feasibility, viability and need for the project
  • Demonstrate how the project will have a positive impact on the community
  • Demonstrate how the community supports and is engaged in the project.


  • Strong organization with a track record and positive community reputation
  • Indigenous led and serves an urban Indigenous community
  • Must be open to participate in on-going monitoring and evaluation of the project, which may include site visits and documentation for storytelling purposes.
  • For newly founded organizations, demonstrate early impact in the community, good community engagement and inclusion and strong leadership and governance.

Additional Considerations

  • Demonstrated relevance for the serviced community
  • Projects alignment with the NAFC’s values, principles, vision and mission, please see the NAFC website for more information.
  • Ability of the project to sustain itself beyond IRP funding
  • Use of gender analysis in the delivery of the project
  • Previous demonstrated experience with monitoring, reporting and documenting successes and challenges
  • Budget matches the description of project deliverables and outcomes