Eligible Expenses

The IRP provides funding in the form of a grant to cover the following expenses:

  • Business plans, strategy development, feasibility / viability studies, market research, market analysis, technical studies
  • Financial expertise services including, forecasts and financial modelling, accounting services, financial recording, cost analysis
  • Legal, financial, or other technical expertise advice, guidance, and services
  • Impact Measurement
  • Research and development
  • Marketing, design, branding, or expenses related to acquiring software, web site/ecommerce design, digital products, software packages
  • Product development, production of prototypes, market and product/service tests, percentage of licensing or market fees
  • Minor asset purchases and / or renovations (must be related to enterprise development)
  • Incremental HR / staff expenses dedicated to carrying out activities and admin. costs related to the project (up to 20% of project budget)

Other expenses may be considered. To receive guidance, please contact our IRP Coordinator, Shady Hafez.


What the non-repayable capital cannot be used for?

  • Core operating costs of the organization
  • Real estate or land purchases
  • COVID-19 related business relief
  • Individually owned enterprise development
  • Fundraising events and conferences
  • Travel not related to enterprise business