Application Details

FCs and PTAs can be in the early or late stages of development and anywhere in between, however we have dedicated specific amounts to various stages of development, please refer to the following funding streams to see where you fit:

  • Explore ($10,000-$15,000K)

Exploration and ideation of the initiative - aligning a proposed solution to an identified need. Examples include: Feasibility analysis and community support development; business model development; use of data for planning & impact measurement; and diversification of funding sources. If the enterprise is not an existing enterprise or if research and development has not been carried out prior to this application, you must apply for the Explore stream in the first application round.

  • Start ($15,000-$50,000)

Needs identified, business feasibility demonstrated, plan and model in place and developed. Ready to begin early phases of implementation.

  • Grow ($15,000-$75,000)

Sustainable cash flow and assets, track record for sustainability and networking with prospective investors. Funds will be used to grow and expand the enterprise.

  • Assess / Impact ($10,000-$15,000)

Explore and evaluate the impact of an existing project or funded project.

  • Large Scale Project ($80,000+)

Project or idea that requires over $80,000 to realize. Demonstrate business feasibility, community support, diversification of funding sources and any current cash flow and track record for sustainability.