FCs and PTAs can be in the early or late stages of development and anywhere in between, in the delivery of their Indigenous languages programs, however, their application must demonstrate that they have carried out research geared towards the delivery of Indigenous language programs and have a clear understanding and expectation of the result and impact of their intended language program.

There are three (3) funding streams for the ILP, and FCs and PTAs can apply for up to $90,000 per year for a 2-year period with a total of $180,000 for their language programs. Please refer to the following funding streams to see where your organization fits:


Existing and sustainable language programs – Funds will be used to grow and sustain the existing language programs. If the program has not been launched prior to this application, you must apply for the Start/Develop stream.


Language needs identified, with the program plan fully developed and ready to be launched immediately, if approved for funding.


Utilizing technology in delivering Indigenous languages programs; whether through website creation or the development of applications and software. This stream is open to new and existing technological language programs.

Projects should start no later than August 1st, 2023, and should be complete by March 31st, 2025.