Data and Research

Indigenous-led Data Research Project  

We are excited to announce that in January 2023, NAFC was approved for an additional $500,000 to support the Indigenous-led Data Research Project. With an increased amount of funding, NAFC will focus on building capacity and expertise within the Friendship Centre Movement. This includes Executive Directors who guide the strategic path of the Friendship Centres and staff on the frontlines collecting data and working with communities to build trust.  

NAFC Data Working Group – MMIWG2S+ Lens  

The Indigenous Led Research Projects grant enables the Data Working Group to meet annually to mature the National Data Strategy. As part of the relevance theme of the National Data Strategy it is important that the National Data Strategy is inclusive to urban Indigenous women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ members.  

Our work includes:  

  • Assessing current indicators  
  • Design of new indicators  
  • Elevating issues and proposing solutions (e.g., capacity, security, coordination, quality)  
  • Coordinating initiatives and setting priorities  

The first draft of the National Data Strategy will include:  

  • Grounding: Vision, Mission, Values and Themes  
  • Background: NAFC’s history of data collection  
  • Actions: Goals and Actions to realise our vision  
  • Assessment: How we will assess our progress towards our vision  
  • Definitions: Supportive documents providing clarity and transparency  

Have questions on the Indigenous-led Data Research Project or Interested in learning more? Contact:  

Natalie Cahill (she/her)  
Project Coordinator