The Native Perspective Magazine

In August, 1975, the first issue of “The Native Perspective” was launched by the NAFC. This was the insight and vision of the NAFC Board of Directors at that time to support an expansion of the NAFC News magazine.  The staff of “The Native Perspective” in 1975 were Lorne Keeper, Carman Maracle, Cliff Gazee, Sandi Bernard, Karen Rice and Mel Maracle. 

The first edition of “The Native Perspective” was published utilizing the facilities of the Thunderbird Press at Manitou Community College located in La Macaza, Quebec. Thunderbird Press was managed by Monik Sioui with the assistance of Mike Commandant, Danny David, Alex Jacobs, Louise Lahache, Ghislain Picard and Ron Zachary. The Thunderbird Press at that time was the only all Indigenous printshop of its kind in Canada operating out of the first Indigenous community college in the country.

“The Native Perspective” was designed to serve the information needs of Friendship Centres and PTAs, Indigenous people living in or moving to urban areas and to help facilitate and understand the aspirations to maintain our cultural identity while living in an urban environment.

We hope that you will enjoy reading past issues of the  “NAFC News Magazine and The Native Perspective”. We are very honoured to have had them digitized in celebration of the NAFC’s 50th Anniversary and for your viewing and reading enjoyment.

The Native Perspective Volume 1 - 1975/1976

The Native Perspective Volume 2 - 1976/1977

The Native Perspective Volume 3 -1978

NAFC News Magazine Volume 3 -1975


Volume 1 - Number 1
Volume 1 - Number 2

Volume 1 - Number 3

Volume 1 - Number 4

Volume 1 - Number 5

Volume 1 - Number 6

Volume 1 - Number 7

Volume 1 - Number 8

Volume 1 - Number 9

Volume 1 - Number 10