National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls & Gender Diverse People

Today on October 4, we commemorate the National Day of Action for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls & Gender Diverse People. Our hearts are with our community members and families that are grieving the loss of mothers, sisters, daughters, kokum’s, aunties, cousins, and friends. 

The NAFC commits to taking action and seeking justice to end violence against Indigenous Women, Girls & Gender Diverse People and call on all levels of government and our partners to commit to the 231 Calls to Justice from the National Inquiry’s Final Report. 

Immediate Priorities from the “Urban Path to Reclaiming Power and Place Regardless of Residency”: 

  • Establish a National Urban Indigenous Strategy, with a clear definition of “urban”, through a co-development process with urban service providers, community members, distinctions-based organizations and other key stakeholders. (p.49) 
  • Identify gaps caused by jurisdictional wrangling/ urban governance and failings/effects of distinctions-based model and policy. Focus on a comprehensive strategy for the rights of children, with special attention to the girl-child. (p.49) 
  • Provide sustainable and long-term/evergreen core funding for urban Indigenous organizations and programs relevant to the safety of Indigenous women, girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people, with investment in community needs assessments. (p.51) 


Taking Action: What You Can Do 

  • Read “MMIWG 2SLGBTQQIA+ National Action Plan - Urban Path to Reclaiming Power and Place Regardless of Residency” 
  • Read “Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls” 
  • Write a letter to elected representatives asking them to commit to the 231 Calls for Justice in the National Inquiry into MMIWG Final Report. 
  • Attend a local COVID safe or online vigil. Follow hashtag ##MMIWG2S on Social Media to find local events in your area! 
    • Taking the Next Steps in Reclaiming Power and Place: A Conversation with Members of the National Working Group:
  • Wear red and hang a red dress from a tree or window. Learn more about Jamie Black’s REDress Project here: 
  • Amplify messaging surrounding today. Use the following hashtags to find posts about the importance of today and share them on your social media accounts: #MMIWG2S #MMIGActionNow #Sisterinspirit


Additional resources for MMIWG2S+ Survivors: