fr - With change, comes adaption and growth. We are no different. AFCS is evolving with the Friendship Centre Movement in Saskatchewan

NOV 29th, 2021


 With change, comes adaption and growth. We are no different.
AFCS is evolving with the Friendship Centre Movement in Saskatchewan

Today we are proud to announce the official launch of our new branding, visual identity, logo, and website.
These changes are symbolic and reflective of the changes that our peoples are experiencing. The Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan through growth and adaption, is paving the way to a bright future.

New Logo and Branding: This new design includes many aspects of Indigenous history and purpose. The
AFCS’s symbol is a representation of the deeper teachings within Indigenous culture by way of the braid in
the shape of Saskatchewan. A modern, clean design is symbolically inclusive of the 3 Indigenous peoples of Saskatchewan. It symbolizes the values shared by our peoples, and the idea that together we are stronger.

“Watching the Friendship Centre Movement evolve and truly encompass the community needs throughout the province is a reason to celebrate and commemorate the rich history our Friendship Centres have within our province. Our rebrand reflects the evolution of the urban Indigenous space, while paying homage to the culture and teachings that have allowed communities to offer a safe space to provide culturally safe programs and services” said Laurie Bouvier, AFCS Executive Director.
New Website: The AFCS website is designed in collaboration with our staff, Board, and
member Friendship Centres. As you explore the website, you will find features and information about AFCS. You can learn more about our initiatives, meet our staff, read news & events, and read about all our member Friendship Centers.
“AFCS has been the foundation that advocates on behalf of the Friendship Centre movement provincially and nationally and has evolved into a brand that matches the design of strength, integrity and history of who we are. Our Friendship Centres belong to this amazing family that supports all Indigenous people and will continue to do so for many years to come. We celebrate new beginnings and look forward to the support and accomplishments being celebrated in the future throughout the website and how we are perceived throughout the province and beyond.” said Janet Carriere, President, Board of Directors for AFCS.

A Rich History and Bright Future: AFCS advocates for and represents Saskatchewan’s urban Indigenous
population and Friendship Centres which have been active in Saskatchewan since 1963. Since then, the
movement has grown within Saskatchewan to encompass 10 Friendship Centres. These centres are part of
the 125-member strong National Association of Friendship Centres. For years to come, AFCS will support
and spotlight the Centres and evolve with them as times change.

Please contact me with any questions. (306) 955-0762
Jason Belhumeur
Communications and Marketing Manager. Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan |