Senator Dominique (T8aminik) Rankin

Senator T8aminik (Dominique) Rankin, a Native Algonquin from Abitibi (QC), lived in the forest according to the nomad way of life during his childhood. Carrier of 7 Sacred Pipes and close student of the regretted William Commanda, T8aminik’s latest book, entitled “On nous appelait les Sauvages” (Editions Le Jour, 2011), recounts his incredible life story and the way he was able to heal from his six years at Amos Residential School. Vice Grand Chief and Grand Chief of the Algonquin First Nation from 1981 to 1989, he spent many years as the President of the Society for Education in Museology and Vice President of the International Movement for new Museology. Very active in the Friendship Centre Movement, Dominique was elected Director General of the Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre in 1980, a position he held until 1985. He has been involved in the Board of Directors of the Quebec Native Friendship Centre for almost 30 years and was recently named Honorary President of Montreal Circle of Peace.

Ongoing Initiatives