February 3, 2021

NAFC executive director shares the great success of the 2020 #TakeCareInCovid campaign at the NCCIH Virtual Series

NCCIH Webinar_Jocelyn speaking



On February 3, Jocelyn Formsma, NAFC executive director, was pleased to take part in the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health (NCCIH)’s Virtual Series on First Nations, Inuit and Métis people and Covid-19.

During the series, Jocelyn highlighted the NAFC’s #TakeCareInCovid campaign, which launched in the summer of 2020, in collaboration with Well Living House and Argyle PR. The goal of this campaign was to help dispel myths and misconceptions around COVID-19 and the urban Indigenous community. With Friendship Centres being the first point of contact for many urban Indigenous people, this campaign was aimed at supporting the community in accessing credible, and culturally appropriate information regarding COVID-19.


A series of 30-second ads were created in English and French, featuring Anishnaabe comedian Ryan McMahon. In addition to the ads, Jocelyn and Dr. Janet Smylie of Well Living House hosted three webinars, including:

  • Webinar #1: Indigenous Community Responses to COVID-19 in Urban and Related Homelands
  • Webinar #2: What is the second wave, and what do I need to know about to keep my circle safe?
  • Webinar #3: Using medicines and ceremony to stay strong during COVID-19

These webinars can be viewed on the NAFC website (https://www.nafc.ca/en/resources-research/covid-19/covid-webinars-and-videos).

The #TakeCareInCovid campaign was a huge success–receiving over 5 million impressions (number of times the ads were seen) and over 70,000 clicks to the NAFC COVID-19 resource page.

The NAFC is currently exploring their options in launching a follow-up campaign to support vaccine roll out for the urban Indigenous community.

Stay tuned for more details!