Sagitawa Friendship Society

Sagitawa Friendship Society’s project is focused on creating food security in Peace River, AB. Seven years ago, in partnership between the Town, Rotary and the Youth Council a community garden was created. Today our youth and some community members continue to provide the upkeep and share the space. Building on the success of this small project, the vision is to expand the impact by acquiring more garden space.

They will secure a 5 acre parcel of land to teach families how to plant a garden, take care of it and then harvest it. A garden of this size will provide enough produce for families to harvest and learn about preserving and canning food for the remainder of the year. The next step will be to provide courses over the fall and winter to teach how to cook with the preserves and make balanced meals. The vision for this project is to start with a garden, and build a social enterprise that provides produce to families and markets extra produce to local restaurants.

Ongoing Initiatives