AYC Youth

Aboriginal Youth Council (AYC)

AYClogoThe NAFC discusses and identifies youth priority issues, including: stay in school initiatives, healing and wellness; suicide prevention; preserving culture and heritage, cross cultural awareness; homelessness; youth leadership; employment and training, youth involvement at all levels of the Friendship Centre Movement and more specifically, youth involvement in the decision-making process of the Friendship Centre Movement.

The AYC’s MISSION is to create positive change for Friendship Centre youth through inclusion, empowerment and culture by: increasing communication; increasing training and development opportunities; increasing youth involvement both internally and externally to the Friendship Centre Movement; Facilitating the development of youth leaders; providing awareness on issues facing urban Aboriginal youth; encouraging and supporting the on-going spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development of urban Aboriginal youth; Involving youth at all levels of the Friendship Centre Movement both internally and externally; and, preserving and promoting our culture and heritage.

The AYC defines youth as being between the ages of 14-24

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