National Data Strategy

What is the National Data Strategy? 

The NAFC Strategic Plan 2020-2030 identifies Data Collection and Analysis as an area of strategic direction with the development of a National Data Strategy as a critical success factor.  

A data strategy provides shared values and a common vision that guide data-related decisions. A data strategy outlines actions that will bring us from where we are now to becoming Indigenous information leaders, who honour our traditions by using stories to provide an understanding of urban realities and the Indigenous context. Our stories empower our communities, promote innovation, and provide supports that gives us strong self-determination and self-sustaining direction. 

What is the NAFC data working group? 

In March 2021, the Data Working Group was formed to create a draft of the National Data Strategy for the NAFC that would then be reviewed by the wider membership of the NAFC. The Data Working Group is composed of representatives from coast to coast to coast and from Friendship Centres, Provincial/Territorial Associations and NAFC. 

Data Strategy Updates 

To date, the Data Working Group has drafted a vision and mission, selected values and created a list of recommendations and actions. The final piece is a list of recommended indicators that would be used for evaluating programs, assessing the vitality of the Friendship Centre movement and track progress towards fulfilling the 10-year strategic plan and the Data Strategy recommendations.  

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Data Strategy Pamphlet  

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