About NAFC Data Initiatives

Welcome to everything Data at NAFC! Here you can learn about all the data initiatives we have going on at NAFC, why collecting data is important and how we are building data capacity in the Friendship Centre Movement. We also have a new and improved NAFC Events & Resources page where you can scroll to learn about any upcoming data gatherings, webinars or trainings that will be offered through NAFC.

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Data Initiatives at NAFC 

National Data Strategy  

A data strategy outlines actions that will bring us from where we are now to realizing our common vision for the National Association of Friendship Centres.  

Bridging Across Canada Database Application 

A database application designed by and for Friendship Centres, which empowers centres to collect disaggregated data on their service offerings providing valuable insight into their community needs. 

Community Led Data Collection 

An initiative to build data capacity and expertise within the Friendship Centre Movement, champion the value of data collection and bring data experts from within the movement together to develop the national data strategy.