Our Logo

In July 2021, the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) rebranded and launched a new logo with the goal of creating a new visual identity system that connects and resonates with community members in a culturally respectful way.


The new logo signifies these brand values: Community. Culture. Connection. The logo is a representation of all Indigenous Peoples of Canada, including First Nations, Métis, Inuit and urban Indigenous.

Logo - Urban

 Urban Landscape: This section of the logo pays homage to our previous logo by incorporating skyscrapers into the design. The idea of Indigenous peoples moving into urban settings and being a longtime and ongoing part of the urban landscape is a key aspect to what Friendship Centres are at its core and should be represented. The small buildings at the front represent smaller/rural urban communities that we serve. The larger buildings at the back represent the larger urban communities that we serve.

Logo - FN

Eagle feather: This section of the logo reflects First Nations. As common as the eagle feather is, the symbolism is ever present and connects with many diverse First Nations cultures from coast to coast to coast.

Logo - Métis

Métis sash: This section of the logo represents the Métis and is symbolized by the traditional Métis sash. The sash served many versatile uses for the Métis and we want to reflect the strength and versatility of Friendship Centres.

Logo - Inuit

Inuit tattoos: This section of the logo reflects Inuit. We implemented traditional Inuit tattoo designs in the logo as an alternative approach to other commonly used Inuit symbols that is inclusive of cultural reclamation and pushes the boundaries beyond the status quo.

Previous Logos

 NAFC Original Logo

The NAFC’s very first logo was designed by Pat Kwandibens in 1972 and was in use until 1984.

NAFC 2nd Logo

The NAFC’s second logo was used by the NAFC for over 30 years, until the NAFC rebrand in July 2021.