Indigenous Youth Council

The Indigenous Youth Council (IYC) was established in 1994 to bring Indigenous youth views, concerns, and issues to the national level. The IYC is comprised of 13 members including a four-member Executive Committee, a youth executive member, and eight provincial/regional representatives.

The IYC brings a unified youth voice that helps guide the Friendship Centre Movement in several youth priority issues as well as provides a youth presence in the decision-making process of the Friendship Centre Movement.



To create positive change for Friendship Centre youth through inclusion, empowerment and culture by: increasing communication; increasing training and development opportunities; increasing youth involvement both internally and externally to the Friendship Centre Movement; Facilitating the development of youth leaders; providing awareness on issues facing urban Indigenous youth; encouraging and supporting the on-going spiritual, mental, emotional and physical development of urban Indigenous youth; Involving youth at all levels of the Friendship Centre Movement both internally and externally; and, preserving and promoting our culture and heritage.


Responsibilities of the IYC are as follows:
  1. To bring together Indigenous youth from across Canada, to share ideas and consult with Elders and community leaders to guide the IYC action plan
  2. to discuss, voice concerns and advocate for urban Indigenous Youth.
  3. to promote and enhance cultural awareness and identity of urban Indigenous youth.
  4. to provide representation for urban Indigenous youth at a national level.

The IYC defines youth as being between the ages of 14-26.

Position descriptions:

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Executive Committee

  • Averi Doxtator


  • Shelby Provost

    Vice President

  • Taigan Alfred


  • Eli Stewart


  • Samantha Jack

    Youth Executive

Regional Representatives

  • Zackery McNab


  • Madeline Burns

    British Columbia

  • Taryn Dachuk


  • Derykah Friesen


  • Ashton Francoeur


  • Anyssa Ford


  • Vacant


  • Melanie Nasson