Representing Friendship Centres since 1972

The National Association of Friendship Centres is a network of over 100 Friendship Centres and Provincial/Territorial Associations, which make up part of the Friendship Centre Movement–Canada's most significant national network of self-determined Indigenous owned and operated civil society community hubs offering programs, services and supports to urban Indigenous people.

What are Friendship Centres?

Who We Are

Who we are

The Friendship Centre Movement–made up of over 100 Friendship Centres and 7 Provincial/Territorial Associations–is the largest and most comprehensive urban Indigenous service delivery network in Canada. Their collective work reaches millions of points of contact in a year and hundreds of thousands of people every single day from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Who We Are

what we do

Friendship Centres provide culturally relevant programs and services for Indigenous people living in urban centres across Canada in multiple areas including, health, shelter, youth, justice and development. They have also become a place for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to come together, to share traditions, and to learn from one another.

How you can help

how can you help?

Find out where your local Friendship Centre or Provincial/Territorial Association is located and consider providing your time, resources or making a donation to support them in continuing to provide crucial front-line work across Canada!