NAFC Request for Proposals – Service Delivery Options Report


  1. Organization Background

The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) consists of 125 Friendship Centres and Provincial and Territorial Associations who together make up the Friendship Centre Movement (FCM). The FCM  is composed of independent democratically elected governance structures which ensures that each Provincial Territorial Association (PTA) and Friendship Centre remains autonomous and that the FCM retains its fundamental grassroots origins. Each of these structures feed into the NAFC governance structure which has been delegated authority to make decisions on behalf of the FCM at the national level.

The NAFC is a long-standing Indigenous organization with reach across Canada, from coast to coast to coast, supporting Centres who provide culturally enhanced programs and services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis people living in urban, rural and northern communities. Established in 1972, the NAFC represents the interests of its member Friendship Centres (FCs) and Provincial Territorial Associations (PTAs).

  1. Project Summary

The NAFC requires a Contractor or Contracting Firm to assist in the development of a Service Delivery Options Report. The proposed work will require the Contractor to work collaboratively with NAFC staff, and management where appropriate, to develop the report consistent with the Friendship Centre Movement’s Centre-focused approach while respecting traditional Indigenous customs and beliefs.

  1. Project Objectives and Scope

The objective of this proposed work is to help inform the Federal Government on detailed service delivery options by reviewing and validating existing Friendship Centre-related materials and conducting additional research as needed. The time and geographic scope will include all available Friendship Centre-related information available at the NAFC about locations across Canada. The final report will be prepared in English for submission to the Federal Government.

The following activities will be performed by the Contractor:

  1. Develop detailed work plan;
  2. Review existing Friendship Centre-related materials, provide strategic guidance and work with NAFC staff to develop an outline identifying any additional contextual research or materials that may be required to inform the report;
  3. Working with NAFC staff, conduct any additional research as identified;
  4. Working with NAFC staff, compile findings and develop report, including (but not limited to):
    1. overview of national Friendship Centre context
    2. detailed listing of range of service delivery options
    3. analysis, outline and detailed functionality overview of each option
    4. feasibility of each option in potential implementation terms
    5. factors impacting feasibility of implementing each option
    6. local, regional, provincial and national considerations of each option
    7. recommendations listing
    8. any other sections that may be required or identified to effectively inform the Federal Government on service delivery options;
  5. Provide strategic expert guidance on an as-needed or as-identifed basis over the course of the project.


  1. Description of Project Deliverables

The deliverables include:

  1. Detailed work plan
  2. Additional contextual research requirements outline
  3. Service Delivery Options Report outline
  4. Service Delivery Options Report
  5. Contractor Experience/Qualifications
  • Applicants must demonstrate detailed knowledge of Indigenous employment and training program delivery and implementation planning at the federal and/or provincial levels, through a combination of postsecondary education and work experience (50 points);
  • Applicants must have experience conducting implementation-focused program delivery research and successfully developing reports for a large to midsized Not-for-Profit Indigenous Organization on time and on budget, on average (20 points);
  • Experience with the Friendship Centre Movement (20 points);
  • Applicants must have demonstrated experience and/or knowledge of Indigenous Culture and Traditions (5 points);
  • Bilingualism will be considered an asset (5 points).
  1. Bid Selection

6.1          Selection method

The successful bidder will be chosen based on the highest score of the above rated Contractor Experience/Qualifications, within the additional scope of:

  1. Evidence of understanding of project objectives, deliverables and approach and methodology, including provision of initial work plan (key activities and timelines);
  2. Evidence of previous work, including examples that demonstrate previous experience or expertise conducting work related to this RFP topic and scope;
  3. Evidence of 2 to 3 years’ experience within the last 7 years conducting research on national Indigenous employment and training program delivery and implementation at the federal and/or provincial levels within an Indigenous setting.

    7. Contract Parameters

7.1.         Value

The contract maximum value is for not more than $24,000 inclusive of all applicable taxes. Proposals coming in above this maximum limit will not be considered for this process. The NAFC assumes no responsibility for sub-contractors that may arise out of this contract.

7.2.         Duration

The contract will be in effect from June 4, 2018 to August 31, 2018.

7.3.         Workplace

The Contractor will be required to work from their usual place of work and provide their own work equipment and workplace infrastructure to complete the work required under this project, including office, computer/laptop, phone/cell phone/fax machine, printer, internet access, and all other materials required to complete this project. The Contractor will liaise with the NAFC via regular and as-needed teleconference and web meetings. No travel is anticipated.

7.4.         Intellectual Property

All information, documents or resource materials developed as part of this contract and work related to this project will remain the intellectual property of the NAFC.

7.5.         NAFC’s Responsibilities

The NAFC will provide all background and other materials and information to the Contractor required to complete the project deliverables.

The NAFC will provide staff support to the Contractor throughout all stages of this contract and project and work closely with the Contractor to identify additional contextual research requirements, assist in conducting any additional required research, and provide direction as needed around objectives, outlines and the report.

The Contractor will provide updates on the progress of the project as deliverables are completed and as requested by the NAFC.

7.6.         Contractor Requirements

The Contractor will be required to meet all the project activities and deliverables described in this RFP to the satisfaction of the NAFC.

The Contractor will be required to take direction and feedback from the NAFC as provided to complete the project deliverables.

7.7.         Payment Terms

Payment will be made by the NAFC upon successful completion of each project deliverable and receipt of an invoice from the Contractor.

  1. Detailed Work plan – 15% or $3,600
  2. Additional contextual research requirements outline – 20% or $4,800
  3. Service Delivery Options Report outline – 20% or $4,800
  4. Service Delivery Options Report – 45% or $10,800

    8. Requirements for responding to this RFP

Individuals/firms interested in responding to this RFP are required to provide the following to the NAFC:

  1. A proposal outlining the work the contractor foresees in successfully completing the objectives, activities and deliverables of this project;
  2. Initial workplan, including an estimate of time requirements for each activity stated in days, as well as an estimate of the steps (sub-activities) required to successfully accomplish each activity;
  3. Resume(s)
  4. Two samples/examples of contract/project work of a similar nature, including a reference name and contact information for reference for each.


  1. Closing Date/Time:

The closing date for this RFP is May 4, 2018.

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) and be addressed to the attention of

Executive Director

National Association of Friendship Centres

275 MacLaren St.

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 0L9

Submissions can be provided in hard copy to the above noted address, or in electronic format by e-mail to

The NAFC accepts no responsibility for misdirected or misaddressed proposals or for proposals that may be incomplete on receipt and review.

Questions pertaining to this RFP may be directed in writing by e-mail to:

2018-04-23 RFP – NAFC Service Delivery Options Report – April 2018-v4

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