NAFC Launches PSA Videos Focused on Combating Human Trafficking


For Immediate Release: National Association of Friendship Centres Launches PSA Videos Focused on Combating Human Trafficking

[May 1, 2014 – Ottawa] The National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) is pleased to announce the launch of a series of four (4) short Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos created by Aboriginal youth from different regions in Canada that aim to bring awareness to the issue of Human Trafficking of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

“We recognize that the crime of human trafficking disproportionately affects Aboriginal people in Canada, particularly young girls. The NAFC wants to be part of the solution to this issue, so we commissioned these videos as a way to allow our youth to have a voice and present powerful messages about the devastating impacts human trafficking has on our people, our families, and our communities,” said Jeffrey Cyr, Executive Director of NAFC.

Through funding provided by Public Safety Canada, the NAFC invited Aboriginal youth across Canada to submit ideas for one (1) minute PSA videos and with the help of an NAFC National Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking four (4) videos were selected to be produced. Each of these videos highlights the themes of: “Our spirits are not for sale” and “Speak up, speak out: Human Trafficking is happening in our communities.” These videos are free to use, share, and distribute to raise awareness of the issue of Human Trafficking of Aboriginal peoples in Canada. They are available on the NAFC’s YouTube site, which can be found here:

“When Aboriginal people are exploited and trafficked, it is likely happening in or between urban centres in Canada. Friendship Centres are positioned to reach out to support them but they can’t do it alone. Friendship Centres and the NAFC require the ongoing commitment of the federal government and other governments to have the proper capacity to positively help victims of human trafficking. Government partnership is critical” concluded Mr. Cyr.


For more information contact:
Jeffrey Cyr, Executive Director, NAFC
275 MacLaren Street
Ottawa, ON K2P 0L9
Telephone: (613) 563-4844 ext. 318 or 1 (877) 563-4844 ext. 318

Media Release NAFC Human Trafficking PSA Videos – May 2014

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